PE 148: Team Handball.

Team Handball is a dynamic sport that uses natural athletic skills such as running, jumping, throwing and catching to provide the action for the game. Team Handball is played between two teams, each with six players on the court and a Goalkeeper, on a court larger than a basketball court. The International Handball Federation comprises 136 member nations with approximately 12 million players competing worldwide.

Team Handball is a class offered in the fall and winter as part of the PE curriculum. Last week I had an opportunity to attend Coach Rolf Piranian’s class and shoot some video of the events. Coach does a great job as part of his class to incorporate a class/staff challenge game and this is the class you will see on film.

The staff rarely ever lose this game but this year the students in the class defeated the staff team by a score of 23-18. It was a very competitive game and I know the staff team are now regularly holding secret practices to avenge this loss. The Team Handball class played very well and have obviously been coached too well.

I would like to thank the following coaches/staff for giving up their valuable time.

Pam Findlay, Scott Abell, Rachael Sushner, Ross Liberati, Coach Munch, Tommy Mays, Taylor Steele, Nate Shearer.

Staff/student game

Professional game