Here’s To Another 100 Years!

Did you know that Washington and Lee started PE in 1915? The PE department was formed in an attempt to teach students about physical education and health and hygiene. We are all proud of our PE department and its many diverse offerings. The hardest thing is choosing what to take.

If you love team sports try Basketball, Soccer, Team Handball or Volleyball

Not your thing? Why not just take Racquet sports? Tennis, Badminton, Squash and Racquetball should easily quench your appetite.

Grew up with a dislike for sports in general or anything that involves a ball? PE classes in middle and high school still have you scarred? Try Modern Dance, Dance Conditioning, Aerobics or Yoga.

Came to Washington and Lee because of our proximity to the “great outdoors?” Why not join James Dick for some Rock Climbing, Paddling, Wilderness Leadership and even some Scuba.

Most of all remember to have fun, try your best and feel free to audit classes if you complete your four class requirement. Lots of students do!



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