Did you know that in addition to 100 and 200 level FDR classes we also have some 300 level electives in our department?

PE 301: Philosophy and Techniques of Coaching.

A course that looks at the theory and practical nature of coaching. Classes on coaching philosophy, coaching style, leadership, sportsmanship, recruiting, solving real coaching situations and lesson planning. Class includes practical teaching.

PE 302: Care and Prevention of Injuries:

Fundamentals of human anatomy, kinesiology, and physiology of exercise are studied. Prevention, care, and rehabilitation of injury techniques are analyzed. Discussion and instruction employing the modalities of hydrotherapy, electrotherapy, thermotherapy, and cryotherapy are presented. Therapeutic exercise procedures are demonstrated and related to the overall program of athletic training.

PE 304: CPR and First Aid.

A course designed to provide fundamental principles, knowledge, and skills in First Aid and CPR, leading to American Red Cross certification in Standard First Aid and Community CPR. (First class meeting mandatory.) Additional special fees apply.

PE 306: Sport Psychology.

An examination of both theory and application of sport psychology. Students gain an understanding of the psychological principles and theories that apply to sport and learn how to use this knowledge in an applied setting when working with teams or athletes. Major areas of focus include personality theory, attribution theory, group cohesion, imagery, goal orientation and motivation, goal setting, and imagery.

PE 312: Lifeguarding.

A course designed to provide the fundamental principles and skills of lifeguarding, leading to American Red Cross certification.

PE 313: Water Safety Instructor’s Course.

A course designed to train and certify individuals to teach all levels of American Red Cross water safety courses. This course does not lead to certification in Lifeguard Training.


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